Thoughts of a Rising Phoenix

As of lately anything I touch turn into gold
However, I’m trynna get that platinum membership
On this sunken ship, young DiCaprio
Don’t panic, this ain’t titanic
I feel like Andre the giant
A Ga gargantuan
Ny3 le mi
I alone know where I’m from
my mind my kingdom
My soul a reminder that we all solar
And she’s feeling like the chosen one
Sorry girl, I got to kick it
On the move, always always on the move
Would love to spend time with you
But I’m on the move
Life out a suitcase
Thriving in this rat race
and I ain’t a slave
Nah never
Mama thought me well
I’m to clever
Life pro-bono
You to could feel like Bono
Just unlock the mind
Leave all perceptions behind
And dig your mind
Beyond a place than space and time
Be present in the moment
Spiritual neglect
Default settings within our settings
Screens and illusions
Oo so mesmerising
The rise of a young G.O.D
6 2 when I’m in the vicinity homie
Don’t you act like a hoemie
Around here we smell phonie
I got the juice, I’m feeling loose
Time with you is all I want
So I’ll quit the front,
Just tell me what you want
Enough with the daunts
Just tell me what you want
I make it happen
She on my lap, the magic happening
Ohh yea it’s happening
The magic happening

David Blaine with the pen
To all my brother in the pen
Hoping for they sweet escape
I hope you find the light like Akon
Ghana boys looking for they Gwen
and trynna get some better paper and chop some Yen
so Y3nko, y3nko
Betta days
Clouded by ganja haze
Circling this maze
Fresh air for the lungs
Nature is where we belong
But we to busy in babylon chasing dreams with the devil
And I’m somewhere in the middle
Ohh I’m somewhere in the middle
Somewhere in the middle
The more I fight I sink
The more I fight I sink
The more I fight I sink
The more I fight I sink
It’s like quicksand
Its like quicksand
ooh its like quicksand
The more I fight I sink