My fellow GEMS, I present to you โ€˜LIBER8TEDโ€™. A 7 track ode from my inner child chasing his dreams. Believing is everything but I had to trust the unknown before I could manifest my ambitions and be LIBER8TEDย ๐Ÿ’Ž๐Ÿ”ฑ



    SUCCESS is built on the rhythmic elements of West African contemporary street anthems infused with a smooth pop hook to create a joyous soundtrack dedicated to the thrill of realizing your dreams.

  • EYE RED (ft. Marince Omario)

    EYE RED (ft. Marince Omario)

    Laced with elements of seaside asorkpor & future-facing 808s, Eye Red is a luscious and rhythmic genre-bending tale of a day in the life of 2 young creatives living in a cosmopolitan West African city. Alex Wondergem’s energetic syncopated flow sets the tone and juxtaposes with a smoothly delivered intricate verse from Marince Omario. Add…



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